Is it time to take advice from a fashion expert?


We all go through that struggle period in our daily lives when we just wish we had an expert beside. Someone who would just take few seconds to help us recover from our fashion dilemmas! A lot of time we choose outfits based on our understanding of the same and fail miserably. Don’t we?


That’s pretty much when we regret our decisions and wish we could refer to the best ones in the job. So when is a good time to take expert advice?



The main problem arises when we are confused which outfit to wear for a certain event, like, office parties or dinner, etc. These occasions can haunt us way before the D-day. These are one of the most important times to refer an expert cause as we know “The first impression is the last impression”. Confusion also arises when we gotta buy gifts for our beloveds and we can’t decide on what might look good on them.

Shopping Alone


‘Shopping alone’ — The term itself is a nightmare to all of us and if we really end up in a situation like so we can only wish for an expert to help us through with tips. Most of the times we end up choosing two perfect outfits and are then left confused as to which one to buy! This is exactly where we need apps like StyleDotMe to give us perfect solutions.

Fashion Advice


Fashion advice is a crucial part of choosing an outfit and styling them accordingly. Most of the time we end up asking an amateur and don’t get a precise suggestion. These are the times we need an expert to really help us through the struggle and thank god for apps like StyleDotMe.


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