The Runway


This is the dream that I have always lived….The subject that I have always studied..The place I have always worshipped…..The Runway….
The word itself attracts me to the core….The walk,The strokes,the turns,The heels..everything connected to this word….Runway attracts me to my last breathe…
So, today when I have got this chance to showcase the potential I have I am not going to fail here cause else all my efforts will be failed …I have been walking for 4hrs, watching through YouTube, maintaining my postures and still not getting tired….cause this is something I love ,this is something which is my ultimate passion,this is the temple where my god resides……


People say its quite easy to do a catwalk not realising the fact that its not at all everyone’s cup of tea… not only walk rather your whole body should sink in motion…you should walk with the poise,with the grace,with the strokes…….Modelling is a dream that not everyone can  slip into….its always underestimated by the bookworms and thats cause they cant do it…..But I being an engineering student always had one of these biggest dreams in my life and wanted to be the best on the runway…..
I want to give this my best shot…..I want to pour in my soul into this…..I promise myself to be perfect amongst all and never to think my competitors
to be any less……
This is my chance and I will do this……


I will keep updating all of you about my daily journey on this… though may be, the updates will come after few days each time….

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