The Runway (continuation)


Modelling is not about the way you look ….its about the way you can potray the clothes you are in ….how you can enhance the designer you are wearing…..Models are like moving mannequins where they showcase the outfit they are in…..


Modelling on the runway or the ramp has two very basic but very crucial points, the first being the  catwalk and the second being your height..
Wherever it may be but the proportion of height among the participants or among the models is very very necessary for the whole ramp to look very synchronised!! Moreover if you have a good height like 5’9″ or more for girls and 6″ or more for boys it always becomes easier to enhance the beauty of the creation you have slipped into……
If we just talk about the walk on the runway then it has a certain way for the females and for the males both! And both the walks are different , the male walk being the easier one..!!! The female walk has to be in a flow with one feet coming forward to the other at each step and the waist and shoulders moving in a balanced way and the expressions should be completely based on the clothes the model is representing….Moreover, the speed of the walk depends upon the music so played at the background…..the walk is based on the rhythm of the respective music….


Even, the males or the females are asked never to wave their hands so much that they create any distraction for the audience…
On the other hand, the males should walk with their shoulders straight and chest forward and no expression on the face or the most minimal expressions!!!!!


At the end everything should be very  well balanced and choreographed keeping the clothes in mind…


Thank you for stopping by and do wait for more updates in the continuation of The Runway….

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