Kolkata Fashion Walk 2.0

It happened for the second time in Kolkata that fashionistas all over the city came together to something so new! It was Kolkata’s 2nd ever fashion walk and was something extremely unique. Every fashionista, fashion influencer had to walk in the city to interact with different fashion houses. 

We had the opportunity to have a one to one speaking session with some renouned bloggers of the city telling us about the pros and cons of blogging and how to go about it. We got to know that blogging is something tough and tedious but with constant efforts and correct business strategies things can be achieved quite easily.

Later in the day, we had to search for the best fashion houses in the city via an interesting treasure hunt game. Getting the opportunity to interact with designers like Pranay Baidya and others, it really motivated us and made the whole journey extremely exciting and worthy! 

I thank Team Tribonista , Swiss Laundry and Nikita Manchanda of Pentwister for making me a part of this unique venture and would love to be a part every time possible. 
Until next time, xoxo💋 

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