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ETW X Oldie_locks

We can’t really think about styling without accessories, can we! Styling requires a lot of heart and soul and of course lots of knowledge  about the subject. A piece of bag or any accessory can either make or break your game. Each and every element in how you look plays a major role. Etw X Oldie_locks brings you one such exquisite collection of bags which are simple yet chic. Cliched as they say!  But Sabhyatha Rajashekhar’s collection is something one should definitely look out for.


Oldie_locks is a home run business creating some really alluring up cycled bags. The collection I have collaborated for is the SOLSTICE BAZAAR winter collection. It vividly showcases Sabhyatha’s love for plaids. The most interesting fact about these bags are that these are made from second hand shawls and table runners.

Now, let’s get into the visual dictionary of these two delights.

The Multicolored plaid bag pack 

The Green Round Sling

Hope you love the collection and would be eager to get this for your closet.

Here’s your one stop destination for the same:

Oldie_Locks Insta

Oldie_Locks FB

One with Sabhyatha Rajashekhar


Clicks by Abhijnan Rubai Bose

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