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Dressing it down to something comfortable is what most people connect with. It’s your basics which are more appealing on any regular day. ETW x focused n making a regular t-shirt dress look quite the simple dress that it is, yet make it fashion worthy!

The reason I say this is cause we have seen fashionable clothing to be nothing but complicated to the mass! But, when basics or comfortable clothing become an integral part of fashion, it is comprehensive to everyone. Maybe that is why it’s still rocking the charts!

ETW x is all about comfort and style. They have a wide range of the best selling t-shirt dresses with quirky prints on them. If heels or dressing up is not your thing, then surely is!

ETW x Bewakoof.comSurely blogging needs a lot of location hunting before or while the shoot and nothing but basics come to the rescue. But, if your over-sized non-fashionable outfits become a fashion statement, it’s surely nothing but bliss! Thus, styling this dress was such an easy job. A comfortable dress or t-shirt, a pair of sneakers is what every girl craves for and am glad that nowadays it’s fashionable as well.


Collaborating with is surely the best thing that happened to me. Styling their outfits is the most comfortable and easiest thing on Earth!

I hope you enjoyed reading ETW x as much as I loved working on it. Until next time- XOXO!

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T-shirt Dress from

Sneakers from North Star

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