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Up and Away!

When it’s been days or precisely a month, you haven’t penned down anything, the only topic you want to start with is, the reason for your absence. The reason you were ‘Up and Away’! But to really let you know, it was a break from tons of setbacks. Setbacks that led me to think that to blog isn’t the right option to earn even basic bread & butter. I wasn’t writing cause it is my hobby, rather, I was putting my thoughts out somewhere cause it’s my passion. A passion that can make me earn too! Well, yes, you cannot start thinking of earning from day 1 when it’s not the conventional 9-5. But, what if it’s been 3yrs and there’s still no penny or maybe too less to even count (from blogging). 

It’s a faded industry, where writing doesn’t count much. Well, ‘not everything that shines is gold’, is just a saying.  It’s all glitz & glamour with less emphasis on reading. Blogging is for people who can write and love to spare some ‘golden’ reading time. So, it’s also about what one treasure, be it the worldly shine or mental harmony.

Having been questioned quite a lot of times, if I have stopped blogging, precisely, why have I been so Up and Away, my only answer is I have been trying to keep a firm foot in the business so I don’t fade away but at the same time also retain my individuality! One can win a fight against the mass only when at least a few in that crowd understand your hassle else you got to move forward alone with sheer intelligence. All I can say is, blogging is my undying passion, but I have found few new interests too and unlike my first love, these even serve me financially.  The best part is, all of these, are little crumbles of the same dish and am never leaving the fashion industry. 

The conclusion to all this, is, my readers can be happy for life, cause I might take breaks in between but you will never lose the joy of reading my blogs. I can end up being anything in the next 5-10yrs but being a fashion blogger will never cease. The joy of living is in doing what your heart craves for cause rest of the necessities might take time but will eventually follow!


outfit: Vrede

Content, Styling, Illustrations: Yours Truly

Photography: Abhijnan Bose

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