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The Much Needed ‘Cold Shoulder’

Television has destroyed my skills of writing. When the idle mind ponder upon tons of stressful thoughts it’s the ‘idiot box’ that comes to the rescue! It ruins your leisure time you used to spend by reading classics. Hence, the treasure of writing skilfully is eventually faded and all you are left with is No Thought while you write. The unwillingness to write about your thoughts and relating those to your style is unbearable yet unavoidable. This was quite a reason I wasn’t able to pen down my ideas more often . We are humans, not robots to write something n number of times just to be on top of the rat race.

As a child or even till date I have never believed in the idea of competition not even healthy competition! But that never stopped me from being one of the best/most known student, academically. The idea isn’t always running after something or following what others did in the past, sometimes it’s also about knowing your capabilities without having to show it to others. I don’t quite necessarily believe in being a follower of something  pre-preached rather being the leader and creating something that’s unique .

In the long run of believing or abiding by what I just said, if at all, might seem a bigger challenge than following the norm but sometimes in life it’s better to be rebellious and show the society a much needed ‘Cold Shoulder’.

The cold shoulder is a much needed thought both literally and fashionably. It shows how powerful a girl can be through her outfits alone. Whoever came up with this trend have surely put a lot of thought process in this as it not only makes the ladies look more bold & beautiful but also sends out a great message of neglecting all things negative.

I styled my Koovs cold shoulder top with a beautiful floral pencil skirt from MastandHarbour to keep the look quite strong yet feminine. Adding to this idea, are my block heels from Lavie and accessories from Westsidestores and F21

Clicks by my favourite one : Ridhi Virmani
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