Sassy Stripes Bloggers’ Meet

It’s not unusual for a blogger to attend a Bloggers’ Meet of their respective genre but attending something that would also come up with a business option is definitely fascinating! I have just completed a year of my blogging career in August’16 and attended quite a few meets already but this one was different.

Brand SassyStripes in association with Kolkata Bloggers came up with this rather unusual concept of hosting a bloggers’ meet where they could also talk about their blogging career, how is it to be a fashion blogger in Kolkata , and how can we, as fashion influencers, connect with the brands directly to amalgamate our ideas for the benefit of both.

About the Meet:

For the first time , at least for the first time for me, the brand gave all the fashion bloggers & vloggers and everyone out there a chance to speak! To speak about their website, the story behind why and  what they are today and how can all of us join hands to come up with unique ideas and make Kolkata a far more successful place for bloggers & vloggers. It’s very important for all the brands out there to even focus on our city as a place to find great fashion. Why would the city of Joy be the least interesting one, comparatively,  of something so vast as an industry where we have such diverse sense of fashion?

It’s definitely high time for all the fashion website and channel holders to take this seriously and put in all the efforts required, that would set us apart in a very successful way.

When meets have topics like these discussed about , it’s surely a pleasure to be part of it.


About the Brand:

Brand SassyStripes is a Kolkata based brand which significantly focuses on women’s’ fashion wear and has an unique piece for every beauty out there. They swear by an ideology for all the lovelies, “Squeaky clean class with a bucket load of sass”.

Now isn’t that something kickass! Am sure that is.

The best part about them are their fabrics which are all the best ones in the market and offer you with all the elegance and stardust you require to be the bling of the event. Their collection ranges from capes, to jumpsuits, to various unique bottoms, etc. They have a lookbook section on their website too which helps you a lot with how you can style your outfit too.

Their websites :-



Do pay a visit to their website and I promise you won’t be disheartened. Also, both Envelopetheworld and SassyStripes will be coming up with an exciting discount offer for all of readers, the deets of which will be up on my social media handles pretty soon. So stay tuned for that and follow me on my social media handles at
Insta: envelopetheworld
Fb : Namrata Ganguly
Twitter: namrata_ganguly

Blogger’s meet attended by Namrata Ganguly



  • subrata dey

    This is a well written article. I agree to your view that our city needs to pay more focus on the bloggers as market influencers and built upon it. I hope one day will come when blogging here will pay back and people will take this seriously. Having said that things are getting better. All the very best.

  • Abhirup Lahiri

    Hi, Namrata.
    First of all, congratulation to you on completion of 1 Year in Blogging(1st Anniversary) I know it means a lot & I wish good luck in the journey to follow.

    Coming to this blog post, it’s very unique & I like your writing, keep it up.

    – Abhirup

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