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Feminist OR Feminazi

As controversial and talked about this topic is, we hardly find a conclusion to this! In the war of establishing our point, we have forgotten the core issue we have been dealing with. Being a Feminist or a ‘Feminazi’, the role is often misunderstood and confused with.

It’s our societal blockage that has turned most of the Feminists into being Feminazi! The latter being just a pejorative term of those in the feminist movement, no woman would want to be secretively thought to be the same. But, a society, more so a patriarchal society in which women’s rights have always been a threat, it will always start with fighting for ourselves first and then equality. Framing my last sentence in the other way, women got to reach an equal base with men first to then act upon equal rights of both of a male and female!

Feminist OR Feminazi

For ages, women had to fight for a lot of “social” rights to reach the point where we are today. Nonetheless, we cannot ignore Quaker’s Theology of spiritual equality- Men and Women are equal under God.

Feminist OR Feminazi

So, the conclusion of this thought would just be that it’s always appreciable to be the former and not be Limbaugh’s definition of the same! Reason being that a term like Feminism + Nazism would make us reach nowhere. The world is more about equity and equality than running after something vague and void.

Bell hook’s argue for the inclusion of men’s rights is one of the best examples of the above-mentioned lines. We need to remember nothing should be restricted to women if it’s not for the opposite gender and if something is wrong for one, it cannot be correct for the other as well!

Feminist OR Feminazi

Feminist OR Feminazi

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Feminist OR Feminazi

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  • Arj

    For any equality movement, there will be negative sides. Being humans, we are capable of thinking so differently. There is always someone who will misconstrue an idea. You will find the same as antifa in case of #blacklivesmatter movement. But the question what every patriarchially institutionalized person has asked me is this – Are we not solving equality by providing more rights to women making men unequal? Or bringing up #metoo which will forever discourage a regular conversation between opposite sex. People have the tendency to maintain a state of homeostasis. That’s why majority of people like to cling to a culture/mindset, no matter how regressive it is.
    Coming to the conversation of why still women have to explain even basic rights to men. As a sensible normal man, I can tell u that nobody taught me to understand the basic concepts of socially acceptable and human behavior towards the fairer sex (figure of speech, not putting in pedestal) or consent. There was a reddit thread where i read someone complaining that he didn’t have sex with his date as she was unsure or he dint get enough sign. Later apparently she had told that she expected him to make a move. Incidentally he was bummed. I cud not feel anything but sorry for him. The fact that most men and even many women don’t realize that if a No is made as a Yes, then lives are destroyed. However, if a Maybe is taken as a No, mostly one night or a week is ruined.

    Now how to resolve this inequality problem. Cynics will say it can never be overcome. I disagree. We have moved forward if not significantly. Most people acknowledge issues. Some have started taking positive steps as well. Education especially social science needs to be overhauled. Kids need to know the true meaning of equality.
    Lastly the conversation should never be if u support feminists or feminazis. U can embrace the ideology which frankly no one should bother u with. But make sure, we are focused on the better need of the hour. Feminist, Feminazi, Meninist, Sexist. .. u can call yourself whatever, the change is coming and you can either help the cause or get out of the way.
    – from a follower 🙂

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