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By the time the world is entirely dependent on artificial intelligence, our creativity will be lost. As artists we are supposed to carve our own paths, each being different than the other. Instead, it’s a society of abundant fanatics. We howl being extraordinaire but lose ourselves in the whim of being conventional. There is definitely a firm reason to such an irony. The reason being, our world, the population, finds being common to be so uncommon. It’s true we are all special in our own ways but are we really coming up with our real talents or are we getting trapped in the fancy of being a part of the well known rat-race!

Today the hamster cage is about being famous. Well, chasing fame has always been trending but in today’s hustle of being a social media star, the competition is even fierce than Olympics! It’s a race of not being creative/ knowledgeable/ anything productive but being a regular face amongst the youth. We are fomented to be a victim of this latest trend.

In the hustle, we are forgetting that one day it’s going to be one of the biggest fiascoes. In the end, we are all going to be lost, lost in the thoughts of WHO ARE WE, exactly! Our existence primarily depends on our undying passion for something and that can never be achieved whilst we are moving into oblivion. First, it’s essential for each of us to find out who we are, what do we exactly want!

Neither do nimble fame last long nor does blindly following anything takes us anywhere. The only key to success and establishing an individuality is persistence.

On me:

Turtle neck cardigan: Annabelle
Denim: Lee Cooper
Heels: Charlotte Russe
Clicks by: Abhijnan Bose




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