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ETW x WoodGeek

Writing after about so many weeks and as usual, I can’t find words to accumulate my thoughts. To begin with, I had a few things on my bucket list and one of them is definitely got fulfilled! ETW x WoodGeek is my third significant collab this year and there are many more to come.

ETW x WoodGeek

To give a brief introduction, WoodGeek is an online store where you can customise any product, including a notebook- Check out here. The customisation includes any products you choose from their collection. Their products vary from Eco-friendly bamboo notebooks, fashion journals to personalised notebooks. They also specialise in wooden iPhone cases, wooden sunglasses, and wooden spectacle, etc.

I always dreamt of getting my website’s logo customised on at least one of my stationaries and WoodGeek just made that dream come true! We discussed the collab and how we can go about it(get a customised portrait, logo, etc) on the chosen notebook and within a span of 3-4 days, I had it delivered to my doorstep.

The process of Customisation of Notebooks:

ETW x WoodGeek

WoodGeek‘s  process of customisation is pretty simple.

  • Just open up their website.
  • Choose any product. (e.g. notebook)
  • Choose the customisation option, here.
  • Choose any image or logo or anything you want on your product.
  • Wallah! Place the order here.

It is actually that simple. There is literally no hustle in the process.


WoodGeek actually has the most unique products just like its name. All its products are made up of wood and bamboo! This makes all their products look very different from the usually customised products. My collab with them really turned out to be fruitful.

ETW x WoodGeek

All I can say is, have a look at their products and get one for yourself or your desk as well, soon. ETW x WoodGeek has seriously been one of my best associations, so far!

I hope you really liked the blog and have no problem in understanding the customisation process. Still, if you have any issues in customising your product from WoodGeek, you can comment and let me know. You can even connect with me on my Instagram handle- envelopetheworld.


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