The Denim Story’17

You see I have an unending love for Denim. It has always been a major part of my closet for all these years. The reason for so much affection is very simple- Denim is fashionable and comfortable.


Denim Styling 2017

Fashion and comfort both are my priorities. Whenever I have styled myself, it has always been a blend of both of these. Surprisingly, a maximum number of times I have ended up wearing Denim. Either a Denim dress or plain jeans but Denim has surely been a part of whatever I chose to wear.

Versatility of Denim


Denim is too versatile even when it comes to styling. Wear it as a dress, a jacket, bottom, top, whatever you feel like. I personally wear Denim according to my mood swings. When I feel poetic, I wear a denim dress, when I feel like being the badass that I am, I wear jeans, a leather jacket and a pair of boots. So, Denim is basically a one stop solution to most of your fashion dilemmas. I am a pretty sure maximum of you reading this are also in love with Denim.



Love for Denim

This year I have chosen a mid-length Denim dress from Westside. The dress was quite comfy and chic. I wore a belt with it to define my waist. You can either choose to wear the belt or leave it. For the shoes, I chose a pair of lime/ neon yellow colored heels from Dressberry. The neon heels complimented the dress pretty well. You can, however,  skip the heels and choose to wear pink oxfords. I did not accessorize because I wanted the dress to be the hero of the look.

How to style your denims


Styling for Blue Denim by Namrata Ganguly

Blue Denim Styling 2017

Hope all of you enjoyed reading this blog about Denim Styling and will love to come back for more. Love you all and thank you so much for the immense support and love.

Picture Courtesy: Ridhi Virmani

Location courtesy: Mrs. Magpie


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