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ETW X Kalki Fashion

To mention about the fame that Kalki Fashion already owns in the fashion industry would be extremely half-witted. The brand that is ruling not only the fashion world but also Bollywood and the overseas, is bound to create outfits that matches the taste of women of different cultures.

ETW X Kalki Fashion brought me to think beyond what their outfits generally offer. It’s more than the beautiful silhouettes and perfect craftsmanship. Kalki Fashion has constantly merged Indian traditional attires with a modern approach.

I styled one of their cocktail sarees which was astonishingly silhouetted. The ready made piece is light weight and can easily be custom made for days you want to adorn something close to your culture yet contemporary. The crop top with it has beautiful embellishments which gave the solid coloured sari a striking image. The piece also has a retro vibe to it considering the frills it has.

Inspite of having the retro vibe, the saree in no way looks out of fashion. Kalki Fashion does absolute justice to the idea of wearing Indian outfits in today’s day and age. Women of all ethnicities can visit their store or shop online and wouldn’t be dissappointed when it comes to variety, craftsmanship, design, ideas and quality.

Styling, Concept, Write up & Face : Yours Truly

Clicks by : Abhijnan Rubai Bose



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