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Basically Unique- PrintOctopus

There are moments of different emotions plunging in your life. My write-ups have always been inspired by those moments, by the changing phases of my life. I’ve never styled an outfit thinking of the season or the material but thinking primarily about the changes in life.

Basically unique- PrintOcopus

The idea is quite bizarre but I find no fancy in doing the cliched! So I started this blog quite sometime back and this time the idea was to create something different yet very relatable. A plain cotton t-shirt with something quoted on it does nothing whimsical, unless you make it your own.   Every stylist has their way of styling basics. They have their ways of making a simple t-shirt stand out in the crowd with some basic tricks.

Basically Unique- PrintOctopus

Spotting a knotted t-shirt is no wizard’s spell. What makes it stand out is when the bell-bottom is paired with it. Bell-bottoms being the 70s style, the mass is always quite sceptical about it. More so confused about the different ways to pair it. That is exactly what makes it unique!

Fashion is a vast subject and nothing is constant in it. Your style is your own. The liberty that this industry gives us makes it both difficult and easy at the same time. But to create a look that’s worth a watch one has to experiment.The key to making your basics a statement is to pair them with the unusual.

BasicallyUnique- PRINToCTOPUS


To merge them with something that’s new and different is the key. Be it structured bottoms, oversized tops, layering, etc, the trick is to accessorize it with confidence.


Tshirt- PrintOctopus

Bell Bottom Pant- Mast&Harbour

Sneakers- Westside

Backpack- Mast&Harbour


Clicked by: Abhijnan Bose

Assisted by: Avirup Banerjee



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