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    By the time the world is entirely dependent on artificial intelligence, our creativity will be lost. As artists we are supposed to carve our own paths, each being different than the other. Instead, it’s a society of abundant fanatics. We howl being extraordinaire but lose ourselves in the whim of being conventional. There is definitely a firm reason to such an irony. The reason being, our world, the population, finds being common to be so uncommon. It’s true we are all special in our own ways but are we really coming up with our real talents or are we getting…

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    Up and Away!

    When it’s been days or precisely a month, you haven’t penned down anything, the only topic you want to start with is, the reason for your absence. The reason you were ‘Up and Away’! But to really…

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    Kolkata Fashion Walk 2.0

    It happened for the second time in Kolkata that fashionistas all over the city came together to something so new! It was Kolkata’s 2nd ever fashion walk and was something extremely unique. Every fashionista, fashion influencer had…

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    It’s been long since I wrote something. There are 100s of reasons that cease me from coming up with a new post at times. Thus, I take breaks in between just to get back to my favourite…

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    ETW x Bewakoof.com

    Dressing it down to something comfortable is what most people connect with. It’s your basics which are more appealing on any regular day. ETW x Bewakoof.com focused n making a regular t-shirt dress look quite the simple…

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    ETW x WoodGeek

    Writing after about so many weeks and as usual, I can’t find words to accumulate my thoughts. To begin with, I had a few things on my bucket list and one of them is definitely got fulfilled!…

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